Nik Green

The New Site

Welcome to the new official site for John Sykes, this has been a welcomed update and is a place for fans to find out what is happening in the world of John Sykes. We would firstly like to show our appeciation to Drew Woerner, the founder of, who has looked after the original site for a number of years now and has invested a huge amount of time in maintaining it - Our sincere thanks Drew!

This site will continue to develop over time and new features will be added on a regular basis. We have also added newly placed social links such as our Facebook and Twitter pages, so if you are not already a follower then please head over there now, there is a lot of fan activity and is a good place for like minded fans to be!

Since John left the Thin Lizzy reunion band a few years back, he has been immersed in the studio writing and arranging new tracks, he has written well over 30 tracks up to now and has also had new equipment fitted in his studio, where he records all his own material. John is currently working on a fifth studio album that is due for release 2013, the title of this album is yet undisclosed but we are told that this has had a lot of time taken on it and there are some fantastic guest musicians on board. As soon as we have word on the release for this album we will certainly keep you all posted!

John Sykes Guitarist & Songwriter