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Phil Lynott - 30 Years

We thought it would be nice for the fans to write this post, we asked them to submit their thoughts on Phil for this 30th Anniversary, here are just a few of the hundreds that we received…

Carl Grillet Thunder and Lightning was a milestone in the early 80's. Underrated album totally. Brings back a lot of memory's for it in 4 editions by now I guess..Thanks John Sykes; and of course Phil..Unforgettable Phil..will post a song on my page today aswell..the Sun went down in 86...for Lizzy..I was on the tour couple years ago with you, John Sykes, you doin' vocals and guitar..I was a driver with the drums and merch guy.

Lips Anvil Thin Lizzy has and always will be a source of inspiration to me. I first saw them open for Queen and they were amazing. I have been fortunate enough to have met Phil back in the early eighties at the Funny Farm in London and also visiting with Chris Tsangarides whilst the recording of Thunder and Lightening was being recorded at The Boathouse Studio. Those were the days!!! Memories for life!!!

Jamie Northrop Growing up as a kid in Los Angeles , I was privileged to hear a lot of really good music .. The Seventies produced the greatest rock bands and songwriters for sure . I wanted to be a musician so bad and when I heard songs like Johnny the Fox and Fighting , I knew I had found my band . Thin Lizzy had it all .. The music had beautiful bluesy melodic guitars and this funky underbelly that made the music move . It had soul . I also loved how Philo crafted the lyrics into a colorful story with street cred . He looked so , Sly,Slick and Subtle ... A Rockstar .. I use to buy magazines just for the Thin Lizzy and Philo posters always dreaming of being that cool . Today, I live in Dallas Texas and everyone around these parts knows me as the Thin Lizzy Junkie ... A Moniker I wear with Pride . R.I.P Phil , With Love....

James Hoy Phil Lynott was the ultimate rock star, his image alone made Lizzy stand out from the rest. The topics and lyrics of his songs were unique. He also surrounded himself with great musicians, Downey, Robertson, Gorham, Sykes and Moore. Thin Lizzy are still my favourite band and their music definitely stands the test of time. R.I.P Phil.

Johanna Schwab My dad introduced me to Thin Lizzy when I was 3, in 1974. He died when I was 7, and weird as it may was playing those records over and over that helped me feel close to my dad again and Philip's lyrics often glimpsed of his own pain, which made me feel I wasn't ' alone'. When he died I was 14, and over the years right upto now I still listen to his music when life gets tough, and it still gives me that same comfort of not being ' alone' in whatever it is I'm going through. Our second daughter has ' Philippa' as her middle name, a little tribute to the man I've never met, but who I credit with helping me through so much.

Roberto Di Martino Such an immense talent, as a writer and performer, people like Phil are a rare breed indeed. Lizzy was one of the bands that I listened and played along to to learn Rock and Roll, only the best for that. Self inflicted or not, his loss was one of those times that you think : Why do all the assholes live to a ripe old age and some of the best ones die young?? 30 years!! Fuck me, time flies Phil, rest in peace and keep jamming up there with Jimi and the rest... Keep the faith..

Tom Becking Phil was an amazing person, musician, and entertainer. His gift to us will live on for centuries so that future generations may enjoy and never forget his legacy. Thank you John for this opportunity to remind us just how much we loved and miss him. While he is no longer with us on this earth, he is in our ears, memories, and hearts forever. R.I.P. Phil

Hasse Karlsson Born in 1964 I went through Kiss, Sweet and Slade never really got "caught" - in 1978 I heard the intro to Cowboy Song from the epic Live and Dangerous, then and there I got caught and have been ever since.
Saw Phil just one time, it was back in the early 80's during the Three Musketeers tour in Sweden where also John was on stage. Remember sitting there during the soundcheck, left to go home to get my Black Les Paul for John/Phil to sign, but when I got back they've all left (got a really nice pic of John during the soundcheck, and a few on Phil and John during the show).
I did see Johns Lizzy some 15 years ago and later Scotts more recent version too.
It took me quite a while to actually play any Lizzy song, it was kind of scary to approach them....out of respect, like touching holy ground. Once starting to play them, I enjoy them even more and nowadays I got a Lizzy tribute band. Having engaged far better guitarist then myself we're doing bits n pieces from the whole catalogue - Jailbreak, Massacre, Black Rose and Cold Sweat. Switching over to the bass, I get not only to sing his words but also play his notes.
Lizzy and Phil did have, and still have, a major impact on my life and probably will for the rest of my life. I'm grateful.

John Buckle Even 30-40 years after the wonderful Lizzy catalogue was recorded, their music - and Phil's singing, brightens up even the most miserable day. John - I thought the live version of Lizzy that you fronted in recent years was great. Went to see you many times. It'd be great to see you performing those songs live again soon, although I appreciate it won't be with Mr. Gorham any longer. God bless Phil - and you John for keeping the memory and music alive. Cheers - John (Lichfield, England)

David Seccombe Phil was a gifted, emotional songwriter, bassist and front man. His true genius was to surround himself with spectacular guitarists, and in Brian Downey a drummer with swing and feel, all of whom brought the best out of himself and his songs. He pushed himself to the limit for his fans, but I'm sure it is his family who miss him the most. A tragic loss.

Michael McMahan Phil was, and is, to me the personification of the term "Rock Star". Fantastic musician, frontman and storyteller all rolled into one. I hope that the personal demons that Phil allowed to haunt him in life are gone, and he is as free and happy as I am when I listen to his work.

Ian Enoch Simpson The sole reason I fell in love with rock music and specifically the bass guitar. When I first heard Emerald on the b side to the first single I ever bought ( The Boys are Back in Town) not only the hairs on the back of my neck but everywhere else stood on end.... Legend...that is all. Privileged to have been at Reading in '83

Jeff Shaw Phil's music with Thin Lizzy was part of my childhood growing up in the 70's. Nothing said summertime for than being at the swimming pool, playing pinball and hearing "the boys are back in town".

Dario Vitale FROM MONTREAL, CANADA.................for me it's the live version of When the sun goes down. Phil as we knew him was a gentle down to earth non life lavishing musician soul who even with help unfortunately lost to the demons.

Ken Kelly Phil Lynott had something unique, a mystique, that set him apart. Tall, elegant, always beautifully dressed, he was cool when it wasn't cool to be Irish. Still heard and loved by millions! R.I.P.

Sarah Morrison If it wasn't for Philip, Thin Lizzy would have been a different band. I believe that they are the greatest Irish rock band of all time because they were so original not only with style, the twin guitar sound and lyrics. But all the members came from different backgrounds and the bass player was the leader and main songwriter which is so unique. The music appeals to everyone because it mixes poetry, celtic myth and classic rock and it passes through the generations. My Father grew up with lizzy and he saw them on their farewell tour in 83' and brought me up on them which I'm forever grateful for (f#@k boybands). Phil Lynott is one of my Heroes and it breaks my heart that I will never see him and Gary Moore. Respect to all the remaining members keeping the Lizzy Legacy alive xxx x God Bless

Gary Agnew I was 11 yrs old and on a school trip to Belgium, we were driving down through England to catch the ferry at Felixstowe when another guy on the bus asked if they would play his tape,it was Thunder n lighting, I was hooked from them first few cords had never herd anything like it,been a fan ever since,thanks Phil RIP

Dale Jones Although I never walked the earth at the time you were alive your legacy has lived on, and influenced so many people. No matter what mood you are in Phil can provide, whether it be pop music, blues or full blown heavy metal. How many other people have variation like that? Thank you for inspiring my dress sense also, with my quirky military jackets and boots... Phil Lynott - we are all still in love with you..

Bailey Anderson I fell in love with Phil's voice the first time I heard it and that hasn't changed. In the words of my favourite Thin Lizzy song (Life/Live version) Phil, I'm still in love with you. PPL forever.

Andy Boardman Such a loss to the entire music world, one of the best live acts EVER & I was at the last ever Lizzy gig at Reading and what a night.
I bet Phil and Gary (Moor) are rocking heaven wild these days
RIP Phil gone but never forgotten

Darrin Obrien July 25th 1979, Nashville tn, went with my nephews .. We were to go to the Grand Ole Opry, But i Talked my Older Sister into letting us go to Concert insted, I was 16 at the Time , What a Wonderful time in Life, Journey, Thin Lizzy and Eddie Money, I remember it well, Thin Lizzy came Out after Eddie & Smoked the House, The Place was Just a Rockin, (the boys were back in town) Great Memories in Life ..

Jorge Castellanos Thin Lizzy and its evolution influenced me in every aspect of music, from writing to the execution to the guitar tone!...that was pure rock and roll bliss!

Gray Deese Still cant believe we saw Thin Lizzy for 8 bucks!!!! those were the days!!!saw Phil Lynott as a opener and a headliner!!!gotta believe theres one hell of a Rock-n Roll heaven...starting with his hero Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Bonham,Dimebag,Ronnie Van Zant, Lane Staley, God life is short and unfair R.I.P.

Ian Gibb Boam Simply the best, irelands black pearl, the distinctive twin lead sound which others followed from time to time but never near to lizzy, philos voice so distinctive, never forgotten always missed, r.i.p

Kevin Keefe I bought my first Lizzy record in 1976.and followed and bought every record before and after.phil and Lizzy are still a huge part of my life and music choice.I was a boy when i bought my first Lizzy record .And 40 years later i just bought another last week.Rip Rocker.

Oliver Dee "Live & Dangerous" was my access to another piece of music of my youth (The other favourite album is "Thunder and Lightning"). Phil's music was powerful, full of melodies and influenced by many styles. If somebody asked me which characteristics I'd immediately associate with his music, my answer would be "Phil's unique voice ", "great twin lead guitar harmonies", "outstanding drumming" and .... of course .... "Ireland".
A heritage of rock that will last forever!

David Martin I have played the Thin Lizzy hits probably thousands of times and i never get tired of them. They still sound just as good all these years later. Just gutted i never saw them live.....
Wo oh oh oh -i'm goin Southbound.....

Alejandro Quiroga
A great! Thank you for both Phill!
My admiration and respect!

Glenn Carroll Vagabond,Fighter,Father,Leader,poet,Romantic,Renegade....hero....Irishman....Rocker....legends never die